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Happy SuperBowl! (Image: Getty Images)

Can you guess Washington's most popular Super Bowl snack?

Is it just me or is any Super Bowl party only as good as the snacks on the table? It's all about those dips baby, give me ALL of the dips.

According to an analysis of Google Trends data, its been revealed that the most popular Super Bowl food in Seattle is:

A seven-layer-dip!

AKA heaven-layer-dip. But statewide - it's lobster dip. Okay so ya'll are feeling me on this dip thing?

Other states had AMAZING favorite snacks too, Oregon was is Beef Sliders, Montana is BBQ Wings, Minnesota is Cocktail Weenies, New Mexico is Baked Nachos... Imagine if all these states were at the same party... ANYONE ELSE HUNGRY?

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