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It might not be what you would expect... (Image courtesy of Getty Images)<p></p>

Can you guess WA's favorite Christmas candy?

When I think of Christmas I think about hot cocoa, homemade sugar cookies and candy canes. But you might be surprised to learn that Washington's favorite Christmas candy is, in fact, not candy canes.

According to Washington's favorite Christmas candy are Reese's Mini Cups, followed by Candy Canes and then Skittles in third.

OK, hold on, hold on, hold on. Skittles? Reeses? These aren't Christmas candies?! We call foul on this on...

The aforementioned study notes that 93% of people gift chocolates and candy during the holidays, with 1.76 billion candy canes produced worldwide.

Candy Canes (an actual holiday candy) are a slightly polarizing candy: apparently 72% of people eat it starting on the straight end, while the rest start at the curved end. Which are you? also reported on the Worst Christmas Candies, listed below. While at least some of these actually appear to be holiday-related, others...not so much. I mean, come on - PEEPS?!

  1. Christmas Tree Nougat
  2. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials
  3. Reindeer Corn
  4. Peeps
  5. Lifesavers Story Books
  6. White Peppermint M&Ms
  7. Peppermint Bark
  8. Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix
  9. Candy Canes, Non-Peppermint
  10. Ribbon Candy
  11. Peppermint Candy Canes

So what is your favorite Christmas candy? Learn more at Candy Store's study online.