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(Image courtesy of Bulletproof).

Butter on a Truck and More: Bulletproof opens in South Lake Union

No, you’re not hallucinating – that’s a giant stick of butter on a truck in South Lake Union.

Seattle's own Bulletproof Coffee’s just opened their first hometown café - inside you’ll find everything you need to get really, really hyped up every morning. Outside, you’ll find a truck with a stick of butter on it – lovingly dubbed the FATmobile.

Bulletproof’s whole philosophy is built around the idea that you can “biohack” your body to get it to perform at its peak mentally, physically, and emotionally. The Bulletproof system includes hacking your diet, the use of ketosis and fasting, lots of stress management and sleep tips, and supplements. The Bulletproof’s Westlake Ave. location includes lighting tailored to complement your Circadian rhythms and improve your sleep, a Homebiotic-equipped air system (think probiotics for the air), and the Bulletproof Vibe, a whole-body vibration plate that hacks your hormone balance.

Newfangled diet stuff aside, the space is really dedicated to something Seattleites know well: coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee is billed as a “high-performance drink” that can upgrade your energy and cognitive function. It starts with 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons of Bulletproof Coffee Beans in a French press, mixed with 2 tablespoons of the brand’s Brain Octane Oil and 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted butter, mixed in a blender until it looks like a latte. The drink is supposed to suppress your hunger, steady your energy, and provide mental clarity because it’s more fat-heavy than carb-heavy. It’s also supposed to be creamy and delicious without leaving you all shaky the way any other coffee would. In short, it’s a sporty caffeine-addict’s dream.

As the world’s worst Seattleite, I drink whatever coffee is available to me – cold, free, old, stale, instant, Seattle’s Best, Seattle’s worst. I’m looking for coffee that’s cheap and keeps me awake, and my demands are very few beyond that point. Bulletproof, however, was a whole new experience. It was creamy and pleasant, but also intense – I definitely woke up, but the coffee itself was smooth and pleasant rather than bitter and sharp. I can’t promise my day – which seemed a little less tiring and a little more manageable, especially in the morning – was owed entirely to Bulletproof, but I’m not going to say it wasn’t involved. Take my advice with a grain of salt – or unsalted butter, I guess.

Bulletproof’s first Seattle-based café is open today at 10:30 at 307 Westlake Avenue North.