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(Image: Brad Johnson)

Bottles for Bravery: Nominate a Frontline Worker to Win Wine

Saying thank you to those working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic a million times still probably wouldn't be enough.

If there's one in your life that you want to thank, why not nominate them to win a bottle of wine from Tinte Cellars?

Bottles for Bravery allows people to nominate nurses, doctors, grocery store employees and other frontline workers in Washington to recognize their hard work and dedication. Nominees will be randomly selected to get a shoutout on social media and a bottle of wine.

To nominate someone, send an email with their name, email, phone number and a few sentences about why they should be recognized. Including a photo would be icing on the cake! Send the email to with the subject "Thank you to my hero."

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, May 15. Visit for more information.