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(Image: McDonalds Facebook)

Seattle sells approximately 100,000 Big Macs a week

I don't want none unless it's got [3] buns, hun!

One of McDonald's most iconic menu items, the Big Mac, turns half a century old this year. The original Big Mac was created in 1968 by a man named Jim Delligatti (thanks Jim!), but today there are many varieties including: the Mac Snack Wrap, Grand Big Mac, Mac Jr., Denali Big Mac (Alaska), Big Mac Bacon, Big Mac BLT, Double Big Mac and Sriracha Big Mac.

But if the good ol' classic Big Mac is what you're craving, fret not because it's currently available in more than 100 countries worldwide. However, you don't need to travel far from home to find other Big Mac fanatics, Seattle/Tacoma sells a total of 100,000 each week. Holy cow that's a lot of beef!

Hungry yet? Pop into one of McDonald's 15 Seattle locations to celebrate none other than the Mac Daddy himself. And remember calories don't count on birthdays.