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Seattle's favorite greasy diner turns 60 this year. They're celebrating by giving customers some throwback prices and a chance to don their best 1950's gear.

Beth's Cafe: A 60th birthday and 1950's prices

Adding a fruit plate to the breakfast menu may seem like a given at a Seattle restaurant, but not for Beth's Cafe.

"Yeah, it's one of the things I did when I bought it. And it was a really bold move for Beth's," laughed owner Chris Dalton.

He bought the legendary, 24-hour greasy diner 12 years ago today, after his dot com job went bust. He says he's never wanted to disturb too many things about the classic meat and potatoes restaurant that is now celebrating its 60th birthday this week.

"This isn't a place where you're going to find spinach and feta," he told me. "But I did feel like we had to update it a little bit. We added fruit, a veggie burger, and veggie chili."

Those nods toward health and vegetarians are pretty bold moves when you consider this is a restaurant best known for its gut-busting 12 egg omelets; the most popular one deemed the "Triple Bypass," stuffed with bacon, sausage, ham and eight pieces of cheese.

"We've also stopped serving everything out of a can," Dalton told me. "We make our own corn beef hash, 10-grain bread, Amish Friendship bread, muffins, country fried steak, biscuits, and huge cinnamon rolls."

But other than the fruit and veggie additions, and less reliance on canned foods, Beth's has remained pretty much the same since it was opened in 1954 by Beth and Harold Eisenstadt.

"I've never wanted to change the essence of Beth's. It's a place for a hearty American breakfast. You're supposed to come here, have fun, people watch, and maybe get a little crazy in the middle of the night," said Dalton.

To celebrate 60 years of fun in Seattle, Beth's is hosting a 1950's costume contest and "prom" on Saturday, June 7. They're also offering a coloring contest, where you can design the new cover of the Beth's menu.

But, perhaps the best part, is the special menu featuring 1950's prices. Here's what you can still munch on this week:

Mini Time Warp Breakfast #1
One Egg, Hash Browns and Toast $3.50

Mini Time Warp Breakfast #2
One Egg, Hash Browns, Toast and Two Sausage $4.50

Any Regular Soda $.60

Cup of Chili $.60

Amish Friendship Bread $.60