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Anyone else hungry? (Image courtesy of Luu's Cafe)

Waffle Tacos exist in Wedgewood and we couldn't be more thrilled

Luu's Cafe is a small Wedgewood spot that is wowing customers with menu items like Bubble Tea and bodacious desserts, but it's this sweet gem that really has people talking.

Cue, the Waffle Taco.

"We thought, let's wrap this egg waffle into a taco shape and later we thought let's add some more ice cream and maybe some more toppings on it. So somewhere along the way we came up with this waffle taco thing," said co-owner of Luu's Cafe Edison Huang.

If you think this waffle taco is too much to handle, think again! So far it's been a big hit and the locals love it. So of course, I wanted to know, what really goes into this magnificent dessert monster?

You'll have to watch to see! To learn more about LUU's Cafe head to head to their Facebook Page.