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There's a tea factory in Seattle that produces over 60 million tea bags per year

This just goes to show - you literally never know what is happening in Georgetown at any given time! Choice Organic Teas has been operating there for the last six years, and in Seattle since 1989.

"[We] started with 4 SKUs," said Ray Lacorte, Senior VP of the company. "We were the first exclusively certified organic tea in North America."

Since then, they've just kept growing, and they're now in natural supermarkets across the country. They have everything from oolong to earl grey and are unique in flavor - but the biggest difference is that they're all organic and fair trade.

“The teas come from all over," said Lacorte. "Japan, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa - we get to visit farms and see the benefits of Fair Trade premiums in those farms and communities..”

When the tea arrives at their Georgetown facility, it's blended for taste and then transferred to the bagging area where giant machines portion, bag and box the tea faster than you can blink.

The machines churn out 250 bags per minute and 60 million teabags a year.

Choice Organic Teas is one of Seattle's hidden gems and be sure to look for their new mushroom teas at the grocery store.

I tried one of them and it tastes much better than you'd think!