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(Image: Angie Norwood Browne Photography)

Beacon Hill to gain soft serve ice cream spot Milk Drunk this summer

The perfect trifecta of soft serve, cocktails, and chicken sandwiches is hitting Beacon Hill this June. Milk Drunk is the creation of Logan Cox and Sara Knowles (you may recognize the chef and designer duo from Restaurant Homer, another Beacon Hill establishment). Filling a niche for dessert options in the area, Cox and Knowles have the ingredients to create a family-friendly neighborhood staple.

The idea stemmed from the popularity of Homer’s walk-up soft-serve window, where parents can sip on cocktails while their children enjoy pear hibiscus ice cream. Milk Drunk will expand on that concept, but instead of a window, it will occupy a 22-seat charming brick building, only a few blocks from Homer.

“It’s a place that you could just as easily grab a sandwich to go, go with your group of friends, with your kids, with your date,” says Knowles. “A ‘suits everyone’ kind of place.”

Think of an upscale Dairy Queen, but one that serves fig leaf ice cream plucked from trees around the neighborhood, homemade waffle cones, a dozen toppings, and four dipping sauces, including seasonal fruit and peanut butter. And that’s just the soft serve! Chicken sandwiches, streamlined cocktails, and beer and wine are also on the menu.

Aiming for a more whimsical, fun atmosphere, Milk Drunk won’t be doing table service. That laid back vibe will also be conveyed in the restaurant’s design, which will tap into some of the elements from Homer but will ultimately be more playful and colorful.

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Continuing the tradition of sentimental names - Restaurant Homer was named for their dog, Homer, as well as their travels in Alaska - Milk Drunk’s namesake is inspired by Cox and Knowles’ newest adventure: their six-month-old daughter.

“Milk Drunk both literally is the cocktails and soft serve, but also having a six-month-old, it was kind of a gentle nod to our baby,” says Knowles. “Any parent is like ‘Oh yeah, milk drunk, that’s a thing.’”