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Never Trust a Skinny Chef ale will be served in custom beer steins and poured from a custom beer tap with the beer’s logo and a bobblehead handle of Chef Sear. (Image: Art Restaurant)

ART Restaurant & NW Peaks Brewery create 'Never Trust a Skinny Chef' Ale

When ART Restaurant set out to create its own beer, there were a lot of things to take into account.

"We wanted it to be a beer that everyone liked, which meant it couldn't be super light, or very dark," said restaurant Chef Jelle Vandenbroucke. "We also wanted to work with a local brewery that we were very excited about."

Through many visits and even more drinks, a perfect match was found in Kevin Klein's Ballard brewery NW Peaks.

"In our taste testing panel, Never Trust A Skinny Chef won by a large margin," said ART Executvive Chef Kerry Sear.

The ale is light and crisp, with a malt backbone and medium body. It's easy to picture having several of these on approaching spring and summer days, overlooking the amazing views of Elliott Bay that ART's Restaurant and Lounge offers.

How about that name? The staff of the Four Seasons had a fun time suggesting names, and everything came up from Seahawks Ale to Seattle Beer, but nothing had quite the tongue in cheek quirkiness that Never Trust a Skinny Chef Ale did.

But of course we all know that a drink is nothing without accompanying foods. The genius' at ART thought of that too, and have created multiple side dishes to accompany Skinny Chef:

  • Ale-infused Penn Cove shellfish

  • Chicken drumsticks

  • Braised beef short rib soft tacos

  • Skinny Chef Ale ice cream

Head to the downtown Seattle restaurant to check out Skinny Chef Ale for yourself, or ART's Facebook page to keep up with tastings, special dinners, and other events.