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Serve up something tasty at your reunion, outdoor party, or backyard BBQ.<p></p>

Are you hosting a BBQ? Throw some pizza on the grill!

Burgers, hot dogs, and pizza? Warm summer nights are anything but typical and boring, so why should your menu be any different? Serve up something tasty at your reunion, outdoor party, or backyard BBQ by grilling up a Papa Murphy's Pizza to share. By heating for just a few short minutes on a hot grill, you can have delicious, scratch-made pizza for any summer gathering.

Whether you're using gas, charcoal, or a wood-pellet grill, you can quickly cook up the perfect pizza at the same time as all your other grilling staples. All you need to do is set aside at least a 16" x 16" square space for grilling. Just pre-heat the heat-shielding surface for about 10-15 minutes, and you'll be ready to go.

Once your grill is hot and ready, place the pizza and the tray directly on the surface and bake for approximately 20- 30 minutes, giving the pizza a quarter-turn every five minutes. Just be careful not to burn the edges too much!

Finally, remove the pizza from the grill, cut into slices, and serve for fresh and no-fuss deliciousness.

There are plenty of Papa Murphy's Pizza options to choose from when crafting the perfect pie, such as Papa Murphy's signature pizzas or their gourmet delite pizzas with fresh-topping. If none of those choices make up your preferred pizza, feel free to mix it up and create your own. You can further customize your perfect pizza by selecting from a variety of crusts, including thin, pan, original, and even gluten-free so everyone can enjoy!

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*Papa Murphy trays are flammable, so it is crucial to protect them from a directly exposed heat source by laying down some foil or a pizza stone. Cooking times will vary depending on the grill and heat.