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Flavors at Frankie and Jos.jpg
A few of the flavors at Capitol Hill and Ballard's Frankie and Jo's. (Image: AJ Ragasa)

Here's how to answer your ice cream craving around Seattle

While National Ice Cream Day has technically already come and gone, if you’re like me, every day is National Ice Cream Day. Alongside fried chicken and doughnuts, ice cream is one of the foods that I must have in in my life and when I need it, and I NEED IT BAD.

Here are a few places around town to hit your sweet tooth when you need ice cream and need it now.

Seattle is in the midst of a golden age when it comes to ice cream. New places are opening up all around with unique and delicious flavors to throngs of willing eaters ready to throw down with a cup or a cone. Heck, if you want to try something different to beat the heat, Seattle Pops has you covered. Utterly refreshing and fun flavor combinations to their menu and my personal favorite is the Zesty Lime, with the distinctive zing as the lime hits your taste buds . Be sure to hit up their shop in Wallingford or at area farmers markets to try Seattle Pops.

On the south end of Seattle, Georgetown has two new options that shouldn’t be missed for ice cream. The delightfully named Seattle Freeze just celebrated their grand opening. Go for the funky flavors like black sesame, ube, and matcha, and play around with the myriad of toppings and mix-ins you can add to your ice cream. Be sure to check out the art on the walls as you dig in.

And if you find yourself in Georgetown on a Wednesday night, visit Lowercase Brewing's Taproom for their Side Hustle Doughnuts ‘Doughnites’; an evening of doughnut ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream features local creameries (Sweet Bumpas was the opening night ice cream provider) for the first few weeks and then Side Hustle will introduce their mascarpone-based flavors later in the summer. Doughnites are every Wednesday from 6-8:30pm and keep an eye on their Instagram for the flavors of the week.

When the ice cream craving hits while in West Seattle, I make my way to the Junction for the venerable Husky Deli. This is the ice cream parlor that harkens back to your youth and is the type of place that provides a sense of place in a rapidly changing Seattle. Chalk this up to longtime owners that have been a part of the community for over 80 years. And with a slew of house-made flavors, you’ll happily lick and spoon ice cream to your hearts content. I'm partial to the Husky Flake (Go Dawgs) in a cake cone.

As you roll into Capitol Hill, you’ll find yourself with loads of ice cream options. Visit Trove for fun and creative soft serve sundaes or go further east and queue up to Frankie & Jo’s. Featuring completely vegan, plant-based ice creams, this shop (with another location in Ballard) churns flavors like Chocolate Date, Salty Caramel Ash, and Gingered Golden Milk. Definitely keep an eye on their seasonal flavors like Taro Root Sea Foam and Kale Lime Leaf.

Another great ice cream spot on Capitol Hill is at Kurt Farm Shop in Chophouse Row. The custard is made at the Kurt Wood Farm on Vashon Island with their own cream and milk. All of the ingredients are considered and thoughtful (like pastured eggs and organic sugar) and it shows through the flavor of the ice creams. The chocolate is rich and deep, and the raspberry swirl is a quintessential summer treat with their Jersey cream as the base and the bright berries balancing everything out.

There are a number of great ice cream shops throughout town. Like Salt & Straw and their recently opened Capitol Hill and Ballard shops scooping out clever and inspired flavors. They also feature flavors that change out every month. For July, the theme is ‘Berry Series’ with a Seattle exclusive of Raspberry & Almond Frangipane. Other shops to visit are Cupcake Royale for their ice cream. I’m partial to the Queen Anne shop as that’s my neighborhood and I always load up on pints of their Washington Hazelnut Brittle with Salted Ganache. Get this and thank me later. Definitely visit one of the shops for their Elevated Soda Fountain Classic summer flavors like Banana Split, Salted Cookie Dough, and Retro Cherry Cola.

There you have it, a few ice cream and frozen treat shops around Seattle to visit and try amidst our Pacific Northwest heatwave. The research to visit these places was totally worth it. I’m pretty sure I’m ready for some more ice cream. July is National Ice Cream Month after all and I just scratched the surface on all the great places serving ice cream around town.