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An Expert's Guide To Anacortes

A curious town filled with wooden cutouts of the ghosts of city council past, there's no denying Anacortes holds a certain charm. Located on Fidalgo Island, just a 90 minute drive north of Seattle, the scenic town is full of little gems making it well worth a day trip. Read on for the five must hit spots in town.

Donut House
This old standby is open 24 hours, so if you're making your way back south to Seattle, this is the perfect spot to nab a cruller and hot cup of coffee for the road. The fritters and bear claws here are killer and cheap to boot.

Cap Sante
Drive all the way through the main drag, up the hill and you'll come to this pretty vista that overlooks the refinery and small town. If there's anything you do in town, be sure to take in this stunning view. On a clear day, the view is unparalleled.

The Business
This aptly named record store in town also moonlights as a record label and music distribution company. For vinyl, local zines, a colorful assortment of art and a general snapshot of the vibrant culture of the area, The Business is a great place to start.

Brown Lantern
Surprise surprise - this trusty old bar has a stellar burger and beers on draft for days. The place gets rowdy on the weekends, but hey-- you came to play, not to stay right? This local gem hosts live music and has tons of spots to sit-- in the warmer months, a lunch out on the back patio is a must. Be sure to order the habi tots, which come with cheese and habanero ranch.

A'Town Bistro
You won't find a better dinner in town than at this A+ bistro. Highlights here include the clam chowder, Fettucine Bolognese (made with slow braised ground beef and pork, tomatoes, carrots, celery, red wine, cream fresh herbs and garlic) and duck confit. Spring for the beer flight to try out a little bit of everything and you'll be in good shape.

Mt. Erie Park
For a stunning view of Fidalgo Bay, Mt. Erie park is a relatively accessible way to feast your eyes on the best the PNW has to offer. Trust us-- the hike up is well worth the view and the drive itself is quite romantic. Got questions? You'll find answers here.