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(Image: Seattle Refined).

A 'Wizard Pub' is coming to Ballard and we are Wingardium Levio-SO excited

If your wildest dream is to be a student at Hogwarts and to enjoy a beverage at a pub in Diagon Alley, then this new "Wizard Pub" that is coming to Seattle might be just the thing you need.

Eater reports that a so-called magical bar is coming to Ballard in early 2019 and will be accompanied by a magic wand store because, obviously, the combination of beer and magic wands is uh-MAZE-ing.

Not much is known about the pub other than it will set up shop in the currently vacant Flatiron Building on Ballard Avenue. Comments on a My Ballard blog post says that the business will serve "delicious cocktails" and "tasty bites" but literally that's all we have.

Stay tuned folks, it's going to be a ~magical ride~.