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The Bicycle Wine Rack; leather straps to carry a bottle of wine on a bike. (Image: Oopsmark)

A holiday gift guide for wine drinkers

The holidays are an especially festive time of the year. It's a culmination of the year as we look forward to the New Year and celebrate with family and friends for a hectic and fun few weeks in the winter. And wine can ensure to keep the good times rolling. As holiday gifts are a big part of the season, here are a few gift ideas for the wine drinker in your life. Treat it as a list to give that wino or as a host gift to that ugly Christmas sweater party you're going to next weekend. If you want to go the bottle route, maybe partake in one of the two Washington bottles that made Wine Spectator's Top 100 of 2014 or another Washington wine from a best list. Here are some wine-related gifts that would be welcomed under the tree.

Coravin ($299). This is the splurge-worthy gift for wine drinkers. I wrote about the Coravin earlier in the year and it is THE gift to a wine collector or someone of the sort that appreciates a fine bottle of wine. With the Coravin, you can use its wine pouring system to only pour as much as you like as the device saves the rest of the bottle to the next time you're ready for a glass or two - be it tomorrow, or a year from now. I'd be thrilled to get a Coravin this year.

Wine barrel jewelry ($84). For a gift that is a little different and funky, these wine barrel bracelets from Olive and Poppy fit the bill. Made from recycled French oak barrels and lucite, these bracelets definitely stand out and are unique pieces of jewelry that would make a great gift.

TRIbella ($40). The TRIbella is a new wine aerator that has hit the market by Skip Lei, a Portland-based inventor, who designed it to pour a perfect glass of wine that's been aerated and to reveal a wine's truest flavor nuances. There are decanters and aerators a plenty on the market, but what's nice about the TRIbella, besides its Northwest ties, is that it doesn't take up much space and is easy to transport.

The One ($25 for two, $50 for four). There are a plethora of wine glasses on the market. But Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson created a wine glass that would befit a Bordeaux to a Burgundy or a Verdecchio to a Vermentino and more varietals. So Robinson created The One; a wine glass to rule them all. It was designed to highlight and optimize all of the wine options available instead of specializing for a specific wine. I learnt of The One at last year's Flavor Napa Valley and was taken by its distinctive shape and design. The One also gets bonus points for being dishwasher-safe.

Bicycle wine rack ($34). Seattle is an outdoorsy city. Bicycles are becoming more and more entrenched into our world of transportation. For the bicycle rider in your life, there is this rack for wine bottles. The leather straps attach to the frame of a bicycle and can hold a bottle of wine. Perfect for your favorite bike messenger, Mike McGinn, or for that friend that only travels on bike.

SOMM ($23). I saw this documentary about budding wine pros, as they study for their Court of Master Sommeliers exam, during the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival. The Master 'Somm' exam is known as one of the toughest bodies of knowledge tests in the world and SOMM does a great job of showing the tension the test creates and the skill and determination of these wine professionals. A fun gift for the wine geek in your life.

Capabunga ($18 for four). The Capabunga is a wine cap that you can put over an open bottle of wine to save it for the next day. The nice thing about the design of the Capabunga is that you can store a bottle of wine on its side and not have to worry about spillage. The reusable caps fit on all bottles of wine and have a ton of fun designs and text to personalize your gift.

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