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Located on Pine near Pike Place Market, Chocolate Box is the perfect place to find unique chocolates this Valentine’s Day. They carry a wide variety of Washington and other Pacific Northwest chocolatiers. (Image: Jenny Kuglin / Seattle Refined)

5 unique Washington chocolates for Valentine's Day

Truffles are a classic Valentine's Day gift, but local chocolatiers are really stepping up their game when it comes to unique flavors for your favorite date. Here are five different chocolates made in Washington that will really make your tongue tingle.

Lesley's Chili Caramel. While a caramel chocolate may sound like pretty standard fare, this truffle is anything but. When you first take a bite, your tongue is hit with the bitter-sweetness of the dark chocolate and caramel. While that is a wonderful taste sensation, it is in the next few seconds that things really get interesting. The heat from the chili sneaks up and stops your taste buds in their tracks. Be careful: The wonderful combination of sweet, salty and spicy flavors lingers and leaves you yearning for more.

Lesley's is located in Newcastle, WA.

Forte's Lemon Pepper Truffle. Lemon pepper may seem like a flavor better served with a chicken dish than a truffle, but this chocolate will definitely surprise you. Even if you're a snob (like me) who doesn't believe in white chocolate, this truffle is delicious enough to make you give it a second try. Tangy, spicy and smooth; this truffle is one you won't forget.

Forte is located in Mount Vernon, WA.

Fiori Chocolate's Champagne Truffle. You can always count on Fiori to have some of the best tasting dark chocolate around. A romantic evening will be even better if you're sipping champagne while indulging in these dark chocolate treats.

Fiori Chocolate is located in Seattle, WA.

Pink Peony's Raspberry Liqueur Truffle. If you choose Chambord over champagne, then this truffle is for you. This is a truffle for people who really have a sweet tooth. Fruity and smooth, this raspberry truffle would pair nicely with a glass of pinot noir.

Pink Peony is located in Bainbridge Island, WA.

Fran's Oolong Tea Truffle. A Seattle favorite, Fran's always impresses with chocolate perfection. This truffle is beautiful, with a perfectly placed purple tea leaf on top of the smooth dark exterior. This truffle is a great choice for someone looking for a laidback yet sultry chocolate experience.

Fran's Chocolates is located in Seattle, WA.

NOTE: You can find these chocolates and other Washington varieties at Chocolate Box. Chocolate Box is located at 108 Pine Street in Seattle.