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This south Seattle based roaster lives in a space that was first built in the 1920's. (Courtesy: Tin Umbrella)

5 Local Coffee Roasters You May Not Have Heard Of

Seattle's a big city, and a big city means there are a lot of people to keep caffeinated. Looking to switch things up from the usual? Check out these five underrated coffee roasters in this big ole rainy city of ours.

Seven's home base can be found in Ravenna. You can nab three bags of Seven's beans for $35 or if you're feeling fancy, try their limited edition micro-lot coffee. Undecided? Just spring for the roasters choice, you can't go wrong.

Tin Umbrella
This south Seattle based roaster lives in a space that was first built in the 1920's. The bright and airy spot is the perfect spot to grab a bag of single origin from Ethiopia for home or to laptop it up for a little bit. Our favorite is the eponymously named Hillman City Global Blend, which is made with a blend of beans from all over the world and is a medium roast that has notes of milk chocolate, sugar cane and spiced raisin. Yum!

The cornerstone of Conduit's enterprise is its bicycle delivery service. If you're trying to go hard, you can even sign on for a coffee subscription, which entails a bike courier delivering fresh beans to your door at a schedule of your choosing. Once a week or once a month, we're all for streamlining the process of satisfying our caffeine addictions. Check their website here to see if you're within their delivery area.

Named after a beloved rescue dog from the Seattle shelter, Kuma has been keeping people wired since 2007. Tons of retailers in the area sell Kuma's beans, so they're never hard to stock up on. Kuma has ten different roasts to choose from, so try your hand out at a few of them to figure out which one is your favorite.

True North
Based in Ballard and established in 2001, True North purveys super tasty roasts that are available at several retailers in the Seattle area. Can't make it out to Ballard? Try Phinney Market Pub or Shoreline Central Market for bags and a handful of cafes in the area serve True North's beans, such as Cafe Barjot, Cafe Pettirosso, Kaffeeklatsch, Coyle's Bakeshop and more.