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Spinasse-9 Tajarin.JPG
Tajarin al Ragu o Burro e Salvia from Spinasse. Pictured is the Tajarin with butter and sage, however, the ragu option is the way to go for Spaghetti lovers! (Image: Courtesy of Spinasse Restaurant)

The Best Dishes in the City for Spaghetti Lovers

Pasta, wine, bread - the Italians have never steered me wrong when it comes to food and drink. We’re lucky enough to have countless authentic Italian restaurants in our beautiful city. With so many choices, I decided to go on a quest for the best classic spaghetti dish in town. Here’s what we found…

Pasta Freska - Classic Italian Spaghetti
Chef Mike is the real deal - this gregarious Italian serves some of the best cuisine in the city. However, with no menu, the dishes that you get served keeps you guessing. Most of the time, the classic spaghetti is the 3rd or 4th course and well worth the wait. Long swirly noodles and mouth-watering meat sauce with an epic homemade feel. It’s like you’re stopping by a street-side cafe in Italy without even leaving Seattle.

Tavolata - Spaghetti
This classic spaghetti with tomato, basil and parmesan at Tavolàta is simple and delicious. They start with a great fresh tomato sauce that has butter, fresh basil, oregano, and parsley, then they shave an 18-month parmagiano-reggiano on top and it’s ready to go! You can also add meatballs to hearten it up a bit and olive oil is a must to add richness that is ridiculously tasty.

Spinasse - Tajarin al Ragu o Burro e Salvia
The pasta at Spinasse is renowned and incredibly delicious! With all the pastas handmade in house, what you’re getting is fresh and authentic. The delicious meal to try when you get that spaghetti hankering, as well as a crowd-pleasing favorite, is the Tajarin. This dish is hand-cut and served simply with butter and sage or a meat ragu….all of which guests say "melt in your mouth.”

Vendemmia - Spaghetti
With Chef Brian Clevenger coming from two Ethan Stowell restaurants, (one being Tavolata, listed above) this guy knows his pasta dishes. This classic Spaghetti contains tomato, basil, olive oil, chili, making the perfect balance of tradition and flavor. Located in Madrona, this spot is perfect for an afternoon pasta break.

Il Bistro - Rigatoni Bolognese
This dish is a classic with a twist. With fresh Rigatoni Pasta, ground veal and lamb ragu, red wine, rosemary, and pecorino-romano, I find myself craving this specific dish on a regular basis and is my favorite go-to pasta fix in the city. Located in the heart of Pike Place, the speak-easy type atmosphere only adds to the experience. This dish is also available on the happy hour and late night menu for an amazingly affordable $4.50!