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(Image: Salt & Straw)

14,000 lbs of vegetables were used in Salt & Straw's newest Farmer's Market series

If you have to eat your veggies, this would sure as heck be the way to do it! Premiere ice creamery Salt & Straw, just announced that their newest flavor series was made with 14,000 pounds of fresh vegetables from west coast farms - aptly called the Farmer's Market Series. The shop, partnering with Ballard Farmer's Market, is using around two tons of carrots, 7,000 ears of corn, 11,000 tomatoes and 3,500 zucchini.

We can officially call these healthy, right?! Take a look and let us know which flavor sounds the best to you. These flavors will be available at the two Salt & Straw locations (Capitol Hill & Ballard) throughout August 2019.

Carrot Cake Batter & Pralined Hazelnuts

4,990 total pounds of carrots were used for this delicious mixture of cinnamon bark, tree nuts and cake. That's over two tons of carrots, 16,633 total feet - or 3.1 miles of carrots, shredded and roasted until fully caramelized and added to the candied hazelnut and vanilla cheesecake concoction.

Freckled Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Squash, and ice cream?! Bear with us...and remember how amazing chocolate zucchini bread tastes. See? We knew we had you. Salt & Straw took 1,198 pounds of zucchini, that's enough to go up and down the Space Needle TWICE, to make this delicious concoction with chunks of bread in the spiced ice cream base, and extra bits of chocolate because echolocate.

Caramel Corn on the Cob

5,900 pounds of fresh corn cobs went into this lightly burned, vanilla-spiked caramel TREAT of a dessert. Candy-sweet kernels are sautéed in brown butter and sprinkled throughout the rich delicacy, and dare we say that each of the 7,092 ears of corn they used for this flavor was WELL WORTH IT.

Green Fennel & Maple

Salt & Straw didn't waste anything with this flavor - the full fennel (bulb to frond) was juiced and then simmered slowly along with its pollen and seeds, to make for a licoricey flavor that pairs beautifully with maple an the sweet cream base its infused with.

Tomato & Strawberry Sorbet (vegan)

They're both red - and if that was where you thought the partnership between tomatoes and strawberries ended, you're wrong friend! They actually share many a flavor compound, and when blended with with olive oil can be the perfect refreshing summer treat. Salt & Straw used almost two tons of tomatoes for this flavor, thats 11,271 in total.