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Here are ten events happening during Seattle Beer Week that will allow you to sip some delicious brews while also soaking in some of this week’s sunny forecast. (Image: KOMO News)

10 ways to celebrate Seattle Beer Week

With craft breweries popping up all over Seattle, our beer scene has improved drastically over the last few years. This makes me thrilled since I'm a snobby, lucky beer drinker who has spent almost my entire life living in fantastic beer-brewing towns like Missoula, Montana , Boulder, Colorado and Eugene, Oregon.

Here are ten events happening during Seattle Beer Week that will allow you to sip some delicious brews while also soaking in some of this week's sunny forecast.

Wednesday, May 14, 3-6pm: Bites 'n Flights

You can stop by Lowell's for Bites 'n Flights, where Pike Brewing Company beer will be paired with small bites of dishes including Beecher's Caprese Bites, Salmon Croquettes, Petite Crab Cakes, and Sourdough Chowder Bitty Bread Bowls.

Wednesday, May 14, 5-8pm: Stone/Where Ya At Matt Dinner:

Southern California meets Southern Cuisine if you stop by this beer dinner at Chuck's in the Central District. Stone Brewing and everyone's favorite food truck, Where Ya At Matt, have teamed up to bring you a 4-course meal including Baked Grits with Creole Mushrooms and a Stone IPA Braised Short Rib Po-Boy.

Thursday, May 15, 6-9pm: Beer vs. Wine Dinner

Here's your chance to settle this debate once and for all: Does wine or beer pair better with certain dishes? Thursday's dinner at LloydMartin in Queen Anne will pit beer versus wine with four different courses and specially chosen pairings. Guests will be allowed to vote on which one was better.

Thursday, May 15, 8-11pm: Metal Night at the Eastlake Zoo

It's exactly what it sounds like: Metal music and beer. And if you're feeling really metal-motivated, there's even a headbanging contest!

Thursday, May 15, 6-8pm: Crockpot Cookoff

This is the event to attend if you think you're the best crockpot cook around. First of all, you have to use beer from either Ninkasi or 21st Amendment breweries. Second of all, you have to use a crockpot. That's it. The categories include chili, vegan, and other. The event is also a fundraiser for the Vera Project.

Friday, May 16, All day: Bodacious Brewfest

Beveridge Place Pub is holding an all-day Bodacious Brewfest where they're showcasing all of the most unusual beers they can find. From odd ones to rare ones, from sweet to sour, you can taste brews that you might not usually find at your local bar.

Friday, May 16, 4-7pm: SoDo vs. Ballard

Which neighborhood has the better breweries? SoDo or Ballard? You can cast your vote at Downtown Spirits as three breweries from each neighborhood go head-to-head. This is a free event.

Saturday, May 17, 11-3pm: Kegs 'n Eggs

The name says it all! You finally have an excuse to pair your favorite brew with brunch at Brave Horse Tavern.

Saturday, May 17, 1-6pm, Big Sky, Big Buck, BBQ

I had to put this one on the list since it features beer from my hometown of Missoula, Montana. You can go to The Pine Box to enjoy venison, drink some Trout Slayer, and join the Big Buck video game hunting tournament, just like if you were in Montana.

Sunday, May 18, 12-4pm, Annual Brewer's 9-Ball Tournament

You can finish the last day of beer week by burning some calories and joining the team from your favorite brewery in a 9-ball tournament.

There are dozens of other beer events going on in Seattle right now and you can find out about them by visiting the Seattle Beer Week website. (link:

What's your favorite local brewery? Let me know in the comments!